Ti-Pd alloy GR7、TA9 titanium rod (Pd:0.12-0.25%)

  • Ti-Pd alloy GR7、TA9  titanium rod (Pd:0.12-0.25%)

    1,Product description

    Titanium is a corrosion-resistant metal that reacts with oxygen to form a stable and dense oxide film that is stable in oxidizing, neutral or weakly reducing media. Therefore, industrial pure titanium can be used directly in many media, or a suitable corrosion inhibitor can be added to the medium [1]. However, titanium generally does not have corrosion resistance in a reducing acid solution. The addition of Pd to titanium can improve the resistance of titanium to reducing acid corrosion, and at the same time improve the crevice corrosion resistance of titanium.

    Ti-Pd alloys include Ti-0.2Pd, Ti-0.15Pd and Ti-0.13Pd, among which Ti-0.2Pd is widely used in reactors, towers, autoclaves and heat exchangers for various corrosive environments. , pumps, valves, centrifuges, separators, pipes, fittings, electrolyzers.

    2、Size & Grade

    Name Size(mm) Supply States Grade Standard
    Ti-Pd rod φ(30~200)X≤3000 Forging rod TA9、TA8、GR7



    φ(8~60)X≤3000 Hot rolling rod

    3、Supply States

    Hot work(R) Cold work(Y) Annealed(M) Solution(ST)

    4, Technical requirements

    1) The chemical composition of titanium alloy rods should meet the requirements of GB/T 3620.1. When repeated inspections are required, the allowable deviation of chemical composition should meet the requirements of GB/T 3620.2.

    2) The diameter or side length of the titanium rod and its allowable deviation shall comply with the requirements of Table 1.

    3) After processing, the tire (grinding) titanium rod and cold rolling, the allowable deviation of the diameter of the cold drawn titanium rod should meet the requirements of Table 2.

    4) After machining, the roundness of the car (grinding) light bar should be no more than half of its dimensional tolerance.

    5) The indefinite length of the processed titanium rod is 300-6000mm, and the length of the annealed bar is 300-2000mm. The length of the fixed length or the double length should be within the length of the indefinite length. The allowable deviation of the length of the fixed length is +20mm. The length of the double ruler shall also be included in the amount of incision of the bar, and the amount of each cut shall be 5 mm. The length of the fixed length or the multiple length shall be indicated in the contract.

    5、Chemical composition GB/T3620

    Name Chemical composition  
    Ti Pd Fe N C H O
     TA8 Ti-0.05Pd Bal 0.04-0.08 <0.30 <0.03 <0.08 <0.015 <0.25
    TA8-1 Ti-0.05Pd


    0.04-0.08 <0.20 <0.03 <0.08 <0.015 <0.18
    TA9 Ti-0.2Pd


    0.12-0.25 <0.30 <0.03 <0.08 <0.015 <0.25
    TA9-1 Ti-0.2Pd


    0.12-0.25 <0.20 <0.03 <0.08 <0.015 <0.018
    Mechanical properties
    Tensile strength: >370Mpa; Yield strength: >250Mpa; elongation after fracture: >20%; reduction of area: >25%
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