CuBe2Pb high copper alloy rod

  • CuBe2Pb high copper alloy rod

    C17300 is a high performance copper alloy with free machining characteristics. It could minimize signal
    distortion in coaxial RF connectors and reduce power loss in circular connectors and contact probes.

    C17300 after machining and forming operations, could be easily heat treated and plated to obtain maximum mechanical and electrical performance.


    In Electronic and Electrical Industry: probe cards, switch parts, relay parts, electrical connectors, fuse clips, contact bridges, electrical motor components, navigational instruments, electrical switch and relay blades.


    In straight rod or coiled wire. Length: up to 3m. Diameters range from 1.0 mm to 22.0 mm. Rod end
    in pointed or(and) chamfered as required is made, depending on the diameter.

    Surface condition: cold drawn and grinded surface free of any scratch, residues and cracks.



    Chemical Composition:

    Be: 1.8-2.0%
    Co+Ni: 0.20% Min.
    Co+Ni+Fe: 0.60% Max.
    Lead: 0.20-0.60%
    Cu: Balance
    Note: Copper plus additions equal 99.5% minimum.


    CuBe2Pb high copper alloy rodCuBe2Pb high copper alloy rod


    Related Standard :

    Rods/Bars/Tubes: ASTM B196, QQ-C-530
    Wires: ASTM B197, QQ-C-530,

    Plates: ASTM B194

    European Standards: DIN 2.1248, CW102C to EN 12164 


    Other material are also available

    C17200/CuBe2/CW101C/DIN 2.1247

    C17500/CuCo2Be/CW104C/DIN 2.1285

    C17510/CuNi2Be/CW110C/DIN 2.0850


     CuBe2Pb high copper alloy rod


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