Berylco 14 C17510 high copper alloy tube

  • Berylco 14 high copper alloy tube

     Chemical Composition:

    Be: 0.20-0.60%
    Ni: 1.40-2.20%
    Cu: Balance
    Note: Copper plus additions equal 99.5% minimum.

    Typical Physical Properties:

    Density (g/cm3): 8.83
    Density before age hardening (g/cm3): 8.75
    Elastic Modulus (kg/mm2 (103)): 14.10
    Thermal Expansion Coefficient (20 °C to 200 °C m/m/°C): 18 x 10-6
    Thermal Conductivity (cal/(cm-s-°C)): 0.57
    Melting Range (°C): 1000-1070

    1). the units are based upon Metric.
    2). the typical physical properties apply to age hardened products.

    Available Sizes:
    Custom Diameter & Sizes, Random Mill lengths

    Available Products (forms):
    Round bars, Flat bars, Square bars, Rectangular bars, Hexagon bars, Plates, Sheets
    Custom shapes are available upon request.

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