TC4 Ti6AL4V titanium forged block ASTM B265

  • TC4 Ti6AL4V titanium forged block 

    Name Spec(mm) Type Standard
    Length Width Height
    Titanium Forged Block 100-1500 30-600 20-300 TA1、TA7、TA9、TA10、TA15、TA18、TA19、TC1、TC6、TC4、TC9、TC11、TC18、TB6

    ASTM B265、ASTM B348

    ASTM B381、AMS4928 、


    1. Application fields
    Products are widely used in vacuum salt, fine chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, chlor-alkali industry, electroplating, electrolysis, aerospace, seawater desalination and other industries.

    2. Processing technology
    Forging and rolling

    Surface clean and smooth, no peeling, pores, cracks and other defects.

    4. Fdetection
    Destructive testing physical properties testing, hardness testing, chemical composition testing. Nondestructive testing: ultrasonic testing, penetration testing, appearance testing.

    Chemical Requirements:

     Grade N C H Fe O Al V Pa Mo Ni Ti
    GR 5 0.05 0.08 0.015 0.4 0.2 5.5~6.75 3.5~4.5 / / / bal

    Physical Properties:

    Grade State Tensile   strength(min) Yeild   strength (min) Elongation   (%)
    Ksi MPa ksi MPa
    GR 5 (M)Annealed 130 895 120 828 10
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