Ti6Al4V Titanium Tube/Gr5 Seamless titanium tubing (UNS 56400 | WNR 3.7165)




    GR5 titanium alloy tubing 


    ASTM B337, ASTM B338, ASTM B861


    (SMLS Tube)

    OD≤200mm, ID≤180mm,L ≤ 3000mm

    Production Process

    Cold Rolled, Hot Rolled

    Supply States

    Annealed (M)


    50 Kg

    Payment Method



    Titanium tube and titanium alloy pipe widely used in chemical equipment, electrical equipment, instrument, Desalination of sea water, salt-making equipment, ocean anti-corrosion, papermaking equipment, petroleum drilling equipment, petroleum detection equipment, automobile and motorcycle exhaust pipe, heat exchanger, condenser, heater distiller, reactor, separator, evaporator, etc…


    1. Low Modulus of Elasticity

    2. Good thermal properties

    3. Nonmagnetic and Non-toxic

    4. Excellent Bearing to cryogenic property

    5. Good resistance to effect of heat

    6. Excellent Corrosion Resistance

    7. Low Density and High Strength

    Grade 5:

    GR5 Titanium alloy Chemical Composition:

    0.08C; 0.40Fe; 0.03N; 0.20O; 5.5-6.75Al; 0.015H; 3.5-4.5V;

    GR5 Titanium alloy Tensile strength:

    895 Mpa;

    GR5 Titanium alloy Yield strength:

    828 Mpa;

    GR5 Titanium Alloy Description:

    Heat treatable, high-strength, most commercially available Ti alloy (“workhorse” alloy for aerospace 

    applications), for use up to 400˚C offering an excellent combination of high strength, toughness, and 

    ductility along with good weldability and fabricability


    Low density and high strength 

    Excellent corrosion resistance

    Good resistance to high temperatures 

    Excellent low temperature performance

    Good thermal conductivity

    Low modulus of elasticity

    High toughness, lightweight 

    High acid and alkali resistance


    Heat exchanger and Condenser. 

    Various corrosive pipeline fluid transfer systems

    Bicycle related titanium pipe parts, Automobile exhaust pipe.

    U­tube heat exchangers, oil pipelines, marine aquaculture.

    Evaporator, fluid transport pipeline  

    Chlor­alkali, Desalination, Soda ash, Vacuum salt, Aviation, Aerospace, Nuclear power, Petrochemical, Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Sports equipment.


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