Hastelloy B-3 SMLS tube/pipe

  • Hastelloy B3
    USA:UNS N10675


    C≤ Si≤ Mn≤ P≤ S≤ Cr≥ Ni≥ Mo≥ Cu≤
    0.01 0.10 3.00 0.030 0.010 1.00-3.00 65.0 27.0-32.0 0.20
    Nb/Ta≤ Al≤ Ti≤ Fe≤ Co≤ V≤ W≤ Ni+Mo Ta≤
    0.20 0.50 0.20 1.00-3.00 3.00 0.20 3.00 94.0-98.0 0.20

    Hastelloy B-3:

    1.Exhibits extremely high resistance to pure hydrochloric, hydrobromic, and sulfuric acids. Furthermore, it has greatly improved structural stability compared with previous B-type alloys, leading to fewer concerns during welding, fabrication, and service.

    2.Like other nickel alloys (in the mill annealed condition), it is ductile, can be formed and welded, and resists stress corrosion cracking in chloride-bearing solutions. Also, it is able to withstand fluoride-bearing media and concentrated sulfuric acid, both of which result in damage to zirconium alloys.

    3.Available in the form of plates, sheets, strips, billets, bars, wires, pipes, tubes, and coated electrodes. It is used in numerous chemical process industry (CPI) applications, especially in the construction of reaction vessels for pure, reducing acid service.

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